For his first exhibition at the Placentia Arte Gallery Davide Valenti is presenting the curse.
The artist is using different forms of art such as photography, installation and video.
Because it is not true that everything has been said and done. What is yet to be said, what is new and original is often forbidden. The moral sense steps in to forbid all those artistic expressions that would undermine the foundations of the cultures based on it, relegating them into the categories of “vulgarity” and “bad taste”. The good taste, what is in fashion, can’t offer by definition anything new instead. Forbidden expressions can show us many things. In Italy, among these expressions we find the curse, which according to the artist entails cosmologic and sociologic consciousness: “Who curses is a mystic because he knows that the cause of any event is infinite. Who curses is also blaming a system of values that has a negative influence on his society and on himself.”
Transforming the curse into art, expressing it visually and displaying it in an art gallery has the aim of justifying it and doing it justice.

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